Oct 15, 2011 8:45 PM by Dr. Anya Winslow

Occupy Colorado Springs hosts march

In Denver on Friday morning protesters, part of the "Occupy" movement were arrested.

The arrests re-invigorated the spirit of the springs' "Occupy" group to host a "Unite in Uniform/Business Casual Day" march around downtown Colorado Springs on Saturday.

Dozens of people came out to march in support of the "Occupy Colorado Springs" movement, but the difference in Saturday's activities came in the way many identified themselves -- nurses, tax consultants, attorneys, and most showed up in their work uniforms or business attire, representing the 99% they refer to.

Those that wore their work attire showed that there's not one type of person representing the movement.

"One thing that I've been told over and over is, I should just go get a job. So, today I wanted to make a statement that I have a job," says nurse of 32 years, Pat Hansen. She also added that she's had a job since she's been 16-years-old.

Tax consultant Brook Buettner, who has worked in corporate America for 32 years says, "Some of us at least in the corporate world do support the the average person on the street," as he holds his American Flag.

Yet another supporter and proud republican, David Joel Aigner says, "I have a job. I make money. I feed my family, but my other fellow Americans can't....and it's because Wall Street traded in credit defaults, they traded in derivatives ... they basically gambled with other peoples pensions.I am out here and I am the 99% ... Amen."

While the groups goals are still far reaching, today's march may be a step in the right direction towards the change they're hoping for. Unifying the movement across the world and showing that many are a part of the workforce.

Today marks the sixteenth day for the movement in Colorado Springs and the eighth day of the 24/7 occupation of Acacia Park. There is still no evidence that the movement will be slowing down or breaking down the tents anytime soon.




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