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Mar 1, 2013 7:45 PM by Eric Ross

Officer fired for beating Pueblo man gets his job back

A Pueblo County Sheriff's deputy and his family are calling for more to be done to keep dangerous police officers off the streets.

The beating of Anthony DeHerrera's son, Michael, was captured on video tape back in 2009.

Anthony DeHerrera is employed with the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office. 

Two officers with the Denver Police Department were seen repeatedly punching him after he was already on the ground.

Michael's friend, Shawn, was thrown out of a LoDo nightclub for allegedly using the women's restroom. Michael followed behind him and was on the phone with his father.

Moments later, video captured two officers first arresting Shawn and then going after Michael.

The two officers involved initially received a three day suspension before being fired. Both officers appealed and were reinstated on a technicality issue. The Denver Civil Service Commission then decided to uphold the firing of both officers.

Both teens received a settlement from the City of Denver.

Nearly 4 years later, the case is once again in the spotlight after a ruling by the Commission to reinstate Randy Murr, one of the officers involved in the unlawful cover up and beating of Michael.

Friday afternoon, the DeHerrera family was joined by nearly 100 Colorado Progressive Coalition Members and survivors of police violence who are now demanding justice by ensuring officers like Murr do not get a second chance on the force.

The rally began in Denver at the Weber Building where survivors shared their stories and demonstrated how the decisions by city officials have allowed officers to recommit crimes on residents.

Civil Rights Director Mu Son Chi with the Colorado Progressive Coalition released this statement Friday:

"The decisions by hearing officers at the Civil Service Commission to put violent and lying officers back on our streets further harms the trust the community has in law enforcement. People in our community increasingly feel that police officers can do whatever they want and they will eventually get reinstated."

Stay with and News 5 for new developments on this case.



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