Jan 10, 2013 7:41 PM by Tony Spehar -

Officials warn Colorado Springs residents not to feed injured deer

As deer come down from the mountains for the winter more and more can be seen around Colorado Springs and they're creating a number of problems.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials have been getting a number of reports of injured deer, some hit by cars and others wounded from the rut.

Near the intersection of Rockrimmon Boulevard and Vindicator Drive a buck has been camped out ever since being hit by a car about three-weeks ago. Residents nearby have named the deer "Fred" and have been giving him food and water. Officials warn that's not good for the deer or the people feeding him.

"It's potentially dangerous to get that close to a wild animal, even an animal that looks quite docile, looks quite tame," explained Michael Seraphin with Colorado Parks and Wildlife. "They're potentially putting themselves in peril, we understand that people are attracted to this kind of situation, but you need to practice good common sense and keep a safe distance."

Officials don't often euthanize injured deer if they're able to move around, in "Fred's" case Seraphin said they're monitoring his health to see if he'll recover. Many have questioned whether the deer's healthy because of how thin he looks, but Seraphin said that weight loss is normal in the winter months.

It is illegal to feed wild animals in Colorado, officials said people need to let nature take its course with injured deer or report them if they believe their wounds are severe.



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