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Mar 18, 2014 6:30 AM by Greg Smith

Old school CU NCAA tourney simulation: '91 shining moment

Video games have become the best sports simulators in the world, so our own Greg Smith used one to find out exactly how CU will do in the NCAA tournament this year.

Besides being a sports expert, Greg is the biggest video game expert at KOAA. When he's not watching one, he's playing the other, so he combined the two for an accurate prediction.

In 1992's "NCAA Tournament Basketball" for Super Nintendo, Greg selected the Buffs out of the Big 8 conference, against their first round tournament foe Pittsburgh.

Dunk after dunk produced a 60-56 win for CU as they advance to the round of 32.

They then met number one overall seed, Florida.

It was a bloodbath.

The Buffs turned it over time after time. They only produced 7 points, even after a timeout Greg used for a bathroom and lunch break.

The final score was 50-7, eliminating the buffs from the NCAA Tournament.

The real University of Colorado Men play their first tournament game against Pittsburgh Thursday, at 11:40am.



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