Jul 24, 2013 8:38 PM by Greg Smith

Olympic skeleton hopeful looking for State Games weightlifting gold

Multi-sport athletes are pretty common, but what about olympic weight lifting, and skeleton?

"I think there are similarities. Explosiveness, having to be calm and relaxed in a thing that requires a lot of energy and a lot of physical output. It definitely carries over."

Megan Henry is an Olympic Skeleton hopeful in the Rocky Mountain State Games this weekend, but she's competing in an event she's never tried before: Olympic Weight Lifting.

"This is certainly a first time thing for me," says Henry. "Kind of an in-between thing during my off-season, in preparation for Skeleton mentally and physically."

You can forgive Henry for finding any excuse to compete. It's been 16 months since she's had an athletic outlet after being blinidsided by a serious illness.

"Multiple pulminary embilisms, which are blood clots in the lungs, right before my season was supposed to start," says Henry. "I was hospitilized, I almost got very depressed about it. I went from training six days a week, sometimes twice a day. Then you're bedridden, you can't do anything, very drastic lifestyle change. It's been a while since I competed in anything."

Despite spending a year on the shelf, and damaging one of her lungs, Megan is still going for gold this weekend... kind of.

"I would be really satisfied with making all of my attempts, the goal is to make my current personal records. I'll be really happy with making my personal bests. I'm excited."

Not bad for a girl without fully functioning lungs.



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