Apr 3, 2011 7:21 PM by Dr. Anya Winslow

One hot ride for local mom

"Nothing ever really happened to me like this before, and I just thought maybe I was dreaming or this was a joke," says Colorado Springs mother of two, Sharon Kingsley.

For almost a year, Kingsley depended on her two feet, her older sister or the city's buses to get her places. With two children under the age of two and a sick mother, getting to many places was difficult.

"Some of the buses can't get to where I need to go. So, I needed a car just in case, like, anything happens with my kids [she pauses]...emergency, I can get them to the hospital," she adds.

In the winter of 2010 she registered online at freecharitycars.org, a non-profit organization. This April, the keys to a red, 1999 Chevy Blazer became hers.

"We know what kind of difference this car makes in someone's life. So, when we get the opportunity to do that, and get to see the story of the person who's going to get the car, and know that we get to be a part of that, it's really exciting," says General Manager of Kraftsmen CARSTAR Collision, Jeremy Robideau.

Kraftsmen CARSTAR received the Blazer through a donation made by someone who was traveling through the state and the car's engine blew. Rather than spending the money to fix the car, the owner donated the Blazer.

Kraftsmen CARSTAR's team donated around forty hours of their time to refurbish the vehicle. They also purchased all the parts needed to restore the car, and with a partnership with Recycled Rides, a qualified person was identified.

Recycled Rides gives local families or individuals in need the opportunity to receive a car.

The twelve Kraftsmen CARSTAR's across Colorado are no strangers to helping those in need get cars. They also have a partnership with Make-A-Wish Foundation and have given away a little over a half dozen cars.

Robideau said they are looking forward to working with Recycled Rides on future projects to help others in need.

As for Kingsley, she couldn't have asked for a better ride.

"My favorite color is red. One of my favorite cars is a Blazer."

This kind of match-up, however, may not happen for everyone who qualifies for the variety of programs, but getting a car may definitely be a possibility.



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