Feb 13, 2012 7:23 PM by Matt Stafford

One man dead, another with life threatening injuries after Nevada Ave. accident

One man is dead and another injured after a chain-reaction auto-accident Monday morning just north of downtown Colorado Springs.

Around 9 a.m. an SUV traveling south on N. Nevada Avenue, just a couple of blocks north of E. Uintah St., slammed into a car parked on the shoulder. That car hit two men standing just in front of it; working at the back of a plumbing company van.

Several neighbors in the area said they heard a very loud noise when it happened.

A neighbor living right in front of the accident says she was just inside her doorway and heard everything. She turned her head outside and said it was an awful scene; she told News 5 there was a lot of blood, and both men were badly hurt. From what she could see one of the men looked to be in terrible condition.

Both men were transported to a nearby hospital; one later died Neither of the men has been identified.

News 5 spoke with a man who says he was riding in the passenger seat of the SUV that hit the parked car. He said he wasn't watching the moment everything happened; he got a text message and looked down to check it. That's when he felt the impact, and small pieces of glass coming in from a damaged windshield. He tells News 5 that he thinks they were side-swiped by a black truck, maybe a Dodge.

"That's something that we're following up on; as of right now that's uncorroborated," says Acting-Sgt. Dan Thompson, with the Colorado Springs Police Department.

Police say they are looking for a smaller-sized black pick-up truck. They believe the vehicle may have been involved in the accident; but they don't believe it made contact with the SUV. They would like to talk with the driver of the truck to get a better picture of what happened.

The driver of the SUV isn't under arrest, but has spent a lot of time talking with police. They eventually put her in the back of one of their vehicles; they said she wasn't facing any charges at that time, but they were talking with her as part of their investigation.

Police have not released the driver's name yet.

"I don't want to speculate on what the charges could be as of right now, given the fact that it's an ongoing investigation, but there's a wide variety of charges that the young lady could be looking at," says Acting Sgt. Thompson.

CSPD Spokeswoman Barbara Miller tells News 5 that traffic accidents can take a while to investigate, and that if charges are filed it might take some time.

Officials with the plumbing company, who owned the van that the two men were standing behind, declined to speak with media at the scene. The company hasn't returned calls to News 5.

There's no update at the time of this posting on the condition of the man recovering from the accident.

If you saw the accident Monday morning, police would like your help. They ask that you call them or Crime Stoppers to describe what you saw. The number for Colorado Springs Police is 444-7000; Crime Stoppers can be reached at 634-STOP (7867).



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