May 8, 2013 11:46 PM by Annie Snead

Online auction for D-11 tools, food service items

As those at Wasson High School prepare to move, there's a chance for you to bid on things D-11 won't need anymore, like tools and food service items; which folks had a chance to check out in person today at the Wasson woodshop.
Most of the equipment being auctioned is already at the other locations, so it's excess equipment for the district.
They anticipate $10-$15,000 to come from woodshop items alone, money that will go back in to the district's general fund.
And this will also help with the moving process.
"We definitely have some materials here that are in great working condition and they need a home where they can be used," said Val Baughman, project manager.
The online auction will be open until next Wednesday, May 15.
Here is a link to the auction:,co/list/current?orgid=1097.
And a live auction will be taking place in June at Wasson for furniture.


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