Feb 8, 2010 12:26 PM by Jamie Smith

Pair of dieting dachshunds lose nearly 70 pounds

Pretzel and Schnitzel are two svelte sisters who've beaten the battle of the bulge.

The previously plump pups currently reside at the Capital Area Humane Society in Lansing, Michigan.

4-year-old Pretzel weighed in at a staggering 60 pounds when she arrived. "She's a standard dachshund. She should be about 20 lbs., 25 lbs. at most," the Humane Society's Julia Palmer says.

There was nothing mini about miniature dachshund Schnitzel. "Schnitzel was 33 lbs., which was still big certainly not to the extreme her sister was," adds Palmer.

The dogs were given up by their owner, whose health problems led her to over-feed her furry friends.

After arriving at the Capital Area Humane Society, it was carrots, not cookies, for the dieting dachshunds.

Four months later the sisters are showing off the results. "Pretzel weighs 27 lbs. She's lost 33 lbs. in a four-month period. And Schnitzel weighs 17 lbs. She lost half her body weight," Palmer says.

Now the dogs are ready to be adopted to one very special, patient family, who can deal with the dogs' health issues; Pretzel's excessive skin has to be treated daily.

She's already had two surgeries for it. "She's not going to get her girlish figure back, that's for sure," Palmer says, though the dogs don't seem to notice.

The dogs will only be adopted together, because they've always been together.



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