Apr 2, 2014 3:03 PM by Greg Dingrando

Palmer Lake votes no to pot sales, but it might not be over

PALMER LAKE - It took almost 12 hours to count the votes, but in the end Palmer Lake voted down a plan to allow marijuana sales in the city. It was close - 538 no votes to 481 yes.

Voter turnout was the highest it's ever been in Palmer Lake. It failed by only 57 votes so there's some happy people and some disappointed people. Either way many are already looking at what's next.

With the marijuana issue voted down nothing really changes in Palmer Lake. For the ones who voted no, that's what they wanted, but some who supported the idea say no changes at all is exactly what they were afraid of.

"My concern is with the things that are so important to the town like fire and police. Now we don't have revenue sources so it's troubling on how we will generate the money needed to keep the town functioning," said Mitchell Davis.

It's a burden that falls on the shoulders of the towns new council and re-elected mayor Nikki McDonald.

"It's going to be hard because we'll have to figure out ways to bring income to the town. We'll just have to brain storm and figure out what we can do," said McDonald.

But the brain storming might only be needed for a few months. Supporters said even though they lost the election they aren't giving up

"I'm hopeful that we can push it through in November. With only 57 votes or about 5% it's really encouraging. I do believe knowledge is on our side," said Davis.

Supporters already plan to get a petition going to have the issue put on the November ballot.



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