Jan 8, 2013 8:09 PM by Maddie Garrett

Parents, Bars Would Have Final Say on Alcohol if Bill Passes

Colorado could be the next state to allow alcohol sales to certain minors, with parental approval. Right now there are 11 states that have exceptions to the 21-and-up rule, which allows bars and restaurants to sell alcohol to minors between the ages of 18 and 21, as long as a parent is present.

Republican Senator Greg Brophy will introduce the legislation this month, after he could buy his daughter a drink for her 20th birthday. Brophy also said he wants parents to be able to buy returning military service men and women a drink.

"So if you're a soldier returning home from Afghanistan and your dad wants to take you down to the local watering hole or VFW and buy you a beer and have you tell stories with all the old veterans, if this bill passes you'll be able to do that," said Sen. Brophy.

Thunder and Buttons owner Heather Joffe said she agrees to an extent with the premise of the legislation, but said she's still on the fence about it.

"It could cause a lot of issues or it could be good for business," said Joffe.

A bill such as this one does bring up some concerns for bar owners. One of the big issues - making sure whoever is buying the drink is actually the parent.

"I think that that's the important thing, that they really focus on what the parameters are, who you're allowed to drink with, because otherwise it'll get out of hand," explained Joffe.

Similar to laws in other states, it would be up to the bar or restaurant owner on whether to serve 18 to 20 year olds. And even if the bill does pass, bars still have the final say on "last call."

"It would probably be lunch, dinner, and that was it. Not late night, coming out for karaoke, that sort of thing," Joffe said of her business.



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