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May 30, 2014 12:07 AM by Eric Ross

Part 2: Emails obtained by News 5 indicate Sheriff Maketa had sexual relations with comptroller

In part one of our two part series, we revealed documents that showed Sheriff Terry Maketa had an emotional and physical relationship with his department's comptroller.

Those documents tell a different story than what the Sheriff has told the public through his public information office.

Emails and text messages we obtained reveal a sexual relationship between Sheriff Maketa and Dorene Cardarelle

Also revealed in emails are dark references to Maketa dying, his supreme control over the sheriff's office, and concerns about salaries.

Cardarelle was hired in February 2007 as a budget analyst. Five months later, Cardarelle received a raise. Today, she makes double what she did since being promoted.

In the months following that raise is a clear trail of love letters and references to a sexual relationship.

In February 2009, Cardarelle writes, "I can't believe it's been five months since I've woken up in your arms and experienced something so new and so wonderful by following a trail of notes to a doorstep of rose petals with a gorgeous man behind the door waiting for me."

Maketa, who is married writes, "I miss my lover, friend and soulmate."

The two talk about work and personnel issues, including the possible resignation of Undersheriff Paula Presley.

Presley is also believed to be one of the subordinates Maketa had an alleged affair with.

Cardarelle writes Maketa back and says it would be good if Presley moved on.

In December 2009, Maketa hit a low point in his life. The relationship between he and Cardarelle appeared to break.

Maketa writes, "I never imagined not having us grow old and happy together."

The two also fight when Cardarelle brushes off a request for budget information. As the relationship continued to deteriorate, the emails become more formal.

In November 2012, Cardarelle also acknowledged to Maketa that she broke department policies.

Despite disagreements, Maketa told her she would not face any disciplinary action.

The Sheriff's Office as well has Cardarelle have not returned our calls for comment.

At this time, News 5 has decided to withhold all emails obtained by us while they undergo legal review.

To view a portion of the emails obtained by News 5, click here:



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