Sep 28, 2012 1:34 AM by Jacqui Heinrich,

Paul Ryan, Michael Bennet campaign in Colorado Springs

As both parties continue to court the Colorado vote, Colorado Springs hosted Republican Vice-Presidential nominee Paul Ryan for a GOP rally and Colorado Senator Michael Bennet, campaigning for President Barack Obama.

Speaking to crowds at America The Beautiful Park, Paul Ryan said, "We're gonna fix this budget we're gonna put these real pro-growth reforms in place, put people back to work, we're gonna rebuild our military and stop apologizing for the greatness of this country." Ryan outlined the Romney-Ryan plan, focusing on what he calls Obama's failed stimulus plan, pointing to unemployment numbers still over 8% for forty-three straight months. "That money was not just spent and wasted it was borrowed spent and wasted," he said.

At a Democratic rally in Colorado Springs, Senator Michael Bennet said the Romney-Ryan tax cuts would not solve the problem, and veterans could suffer if Romney were in the Oval Office. "It leads to extraordinary cuts in discretionary spending, among them cuts to our veterans, potentially 20% a year," Bennet said, calling Ryan's rhetoric empty. "They've tried very hard to obscure the specifics, especially in their budget."

Ryan points to Mitt Romney's run as governor of Massachusetts as the blueprint for success, saying he has the business background and experience to turn the economy around. "Unemployment went down, household income went up, the credit was upgraded and he balanced the budget without raising taxes," Ryan told crowds.

Another reason for money troubles, Ryan says: Obama's weak foreign policy, catering to nations that don't respect American values like freedom of speech and religion. "We project weakness abroad, our enemies are more willing to test us, ' more brazen, our allies are less willing to trust us." He says to facilitate real change, Obama must be voted out of office, since a strong military means peace and prosperity. "To the soldiers in Fort Carson, to the airmen at Petersen and Shriever Air Force Base, and to those cadets at the Air Force Academy: we respect you, we appreciate you, and we will back you because we need you," Ryan announced to the crowd of about 500 people.

Bennet says the Romney-Ryan campaign rhetoric is all smoke and mirrors-- not specifically outlining where the proposed tax cuts would come from-- and claims the cuts would cause military families and veterans to suffer.


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