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Jan 18, 2011 3:53 PM by Andy Koen

PE teacher gives lessons on living healthy

Many of our lifestyle habits take shape while we're still young. Pine Creek High School physical education teacher Shelley Lockwood wants to make sure the habits her student develop are healthy ones.

Growing up with four brothers, Lockwood has had a passion for sports since her early years. Today that passion that drives her to help her classes succeed.

"Right now they think they're in great shape, but what's going to happen down the road," Lockwood said.

"Some of them look like they're in great shape, but what are their hearts doing? Are they getting any kind of workout whatsoever? For some of them no."

Lockwood has expanded the exercise programs at Pine Creek. For example, when she noticed that the weight room was beginning to become old and outdated she went looking for grants to replace it. When the grant writing failed, Lockwood rallied the Pine Creek parent groups to come up with the funding.

She's also fought to keep some programs from being cut, like a PE class for special needs students.

"That is a huge class for them," Lockwood explained. "We wanted to keep that."

She's also gone out of her way to help individual students. One student came to her recently needing help to lose weight and, acting as a personal trainer, Mrs. lockwood helped the girl to lose more than 60 pounds.

"I just brought her in, met with her, kind of pulled like a Biggest Loser like your either all in or don't waste my time and she's not wasted a minute of my time it's been a tremendous experience for me and she's still going."

It's that passion to help all students lead healthier lives that makes Shelley Lockwood our January Teachers First Award Recipient.

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