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Mar 28, 2013 10:34 AM by Marissa Torres

Perfecting Poor Posture

You remember the days of your mother yelling at you sit up straight? It turns out slouching is more than sloppy looking, it's a top ranking reason for many back, neck and spinal problems.

Physical Therapist Joe Ruzich with Southern Colorado Clinic says a majority of the people walking through his doors, complaining of back pain, usually have one thing in common: poor posture.

"Especially in women, we see that a lot. They get a large curve in their upper spine."

That large curve, which sits just under the neck can be permanent if nothing is done. But sometimes remembering to sit up straight is difficult when you're surroundings aren't helping.

"Sitting in a chair like I am now unfortunately, when it tilts back. What's pretty much going to happen is going to bring your head forward in a bad position. You typically want a chair that is a little more supportive, a little more upright, adding back support."

There are also some simple exercises you can do to strengthen the back and its muscles.




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