May 30, 2011 7:28 PM by Andy Koen

Pet waste removal business grows

It's Larry Pool's job to pick up what your dog puts down. As an independent contractor with Backyard Pooper Scoopers, Larry spends a few hours a day, 4 days a week doing a chore that many pet owners would like to forget about.

"It's a stinky job, but somebody's got to do it, you know," Pool said.

Owner Brad Gouveia started the company in 2007 and has watched it steadily grow. He has more than 60 weekly customers and hired Larry in February to help keep up with the workload.

Gouveia says he could be getting ready to hire again.

"If things keep going like how they are, I can easily in 2 years, we'll have 2 trucks if not more," Gouveia said.

The company charges $65 for a one-time clean up and $10.50 for weekly visits. Even in a down economy, Gouveia says this is one chore people are willing to pay for.

"Everyone's just getting busier, especially on beautiful weekends, it's the last thing you want to end up doing, and you know $10.50 a week, when you think about, if you have a weekend free for $10.50, it's not bad."

Gouveia and Pool aren't the only scoopers in town. Backyard Bomb Squad and Double Doody Dog Waste Removal are also based in Colorado Springs. Hound Mounds is a Denver area business that also takes clients from the Springs.

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