Jan 28, 2013 4:37 PM by Lacey Steele

Picture of dog in Rocky Ford causes some controversy

A picture we received this weekend causes a slight uproar among some people in Rocky Ford.

Some felt it was a case of animal abuse, but we spoke to the police chief in Rocky Ford who says it's a misunderstanding.

"I believe he did the correct thing by walking the dog to the shelter," said Police Chief Frank Gallegos.

This picture has many concerned.

It shows a police officer walking a dog from his car down the street.

It began as a animal control call.

The officer attempted to catch the dog and put him in his car.

"Once the dog was put on the catchpole, the dog became somewhat aggressive," said Chief Gallegos.

The distance was four blocks.

"Officer Carter, in order not to injure the dog, decided to walk the dog," said Chief Gallegos.

They went straight to the animal shelter behind the police department.

"Good chance, if he got that aggressive, could have ended up injuring both the officer and the dog, if the officer had to forcibly put the dog in the vehicle," said Chief Gallegos.

Chief Gallegos did speak with the officer to make sure everything was in line.

"He advised me once the dog was on the leash and he was walking he was fine, and he came at a slow pace to the police department," said Chief Gallegos.

They do not believe this was animal abuse saying the officer involved is a known animal lover.

They say it was the best way to handle the dog since he was aggressive and the officer did not have back up.

The dog is currently at the vet for an injury he received before the officer caught him, but he is expected to be okay.


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