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Pictures stolen during burglary returned to Colorado Springs family

Hundreds of family pictures stolen during a burglary have been returned to a Colorado Springs family thanks to police and possibly the thieves.

On Jan. 11 Ruth Bravo returned to her home and found her front door smashed open. Someone had broken down the door and ransacked several rooms. Among the numerous items stolen was a computer that held all the pictures Bravo had ever taken of her daughters Kaylee, 9, and Kaytlynn, 5. The day after the burglary Bravo begged for the pictures to be returned.

"I grew up not having any childhood pictures, I grew up in different homes so it means a lot to me to have those for my daughters," a tearful Ruth Bravo told News 5 after the theft.

For nearly two-weeks the Bravo family tried to move on and get things back to normal.

"Just trying to get past it I guess, for my daughters especially my youngest one," Bravo explained.

She had almost given up hope when she received a phone call from the detective assigned to the case who gave her an update on Tuesday. Her computer had been found in an area pawn shop.

"I didn't want to get my hopes up because I didn't know what would be on there," she described. "When I turned it on and found everything else cleared off of it but the pictures I was so excited."

Someone had erased everything but her family pictures off of the computer.

"I just kept saying ‘thank-you Jesus' the whole day," Bravo explained laughing. "Tears of joy and just so thrilled."

She doesn't know if the thieves saw her story begging them to return the photos and made sure she got them back.

"Maybe they're criminals with a conscience, I don't know, hopefully I got through to them," she said of the return of the pictures. "That's the only thing I was asking for and that's what I got."

The Colorado Springs Police Department is still investigating the burglary, anyone with information is asked to call CrimeStoppers.


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