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Aug 16, 2014 11:58 PM by Greg Smith

Pine Creek readying themselves for early test

Pine Creek doesn't have the luxury of a preseason to get ready, in fact, their first game is less than a week away.

The defending 4A champs are playing "zero week," a full seven days before the vast majority of the state takes the field for their first game. Less than two weeks from your first practice to your first game makes the players turn up the intensity.

"I like it because we're obviously playing football earlier, so that's great," says Eagles quarterback Tommy Lazzaro. "It helps us, that we will have a bye week, so that'll help us a lot. It does challenge us a little bit more because we got to be on top of it a little bit more, practicing a little bit earlier than everyone else. So, it's different, but it's better, I think."

"There's a little more pressure on us to get things in as quick as we can and get our guys up to speed," says Eagles head coach Todd Miller. "And in that time span too, trying to build team chemistry, and figuring out what you do well, and what you don't do very well, and stay away from that."

That first game is no gimme either. Pueblo Centennial is ranked number nine in the state 4A polls.



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