Jan 14, 2013 8:35 PM by Bill Folsom

Plows doing more than removing snow

CDOT snow removal crews have been out in force all day in Southern Colorado. The amount of snow building up from Monday's storm is not a lot, but the potential for roads freezing over makes it necessary for them to keep working.

Snow removal is only one of many functions CDOT they perform. They put down liquid deicer that prevents snow and ice from bonding to roads. There are other trucks spreading anti-skid material to get rid of slick spots.

Whether there is a little snow or a lot they go out when potential for sliding is high. Often, drivers don't even recognize the danger. "When they see just a little light dusting, they either don't believe it is slick or don't realize it is and that's when we have problems," said Kenneth Quintana with CDOT.





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