Feb 19, 2014 8:14 PM by Bill Folsom

Poles at Garden of the Gods gateway have a purpose

Long white poles with an orange stripe at the top suddenly appeared along Gateway Road at the entrance of Garden of the Gods. They have a short term purpose to put a proposed mitigation project in perspective.

City engineers are looking at several plans to protect the park and the neighborhood below it from the flooding threat in the aftermath of the Waldo Canyon fire. One would raise gate roadway between 13 to 15 feet. "Create a dam and that would be an area where water could collect and slowly drain out," said Colorado Springs Senior Civil Engineer, Mike Chaves."

Engineers say if the decide on this plan it is also an opportunity for improvements. "Maybe make it a little bit wider to incorporate some bike lanes. Improve the water crossing underneath the road itself."

Another proposal puts a detention pond at the north end of the park. Part of the project also addresses improvements to the drainage on the 31st street in the pleasant valley neighborhood at the south end of the park.

A community meeting about the project is planned for next for Tuesday, February 25th. It happens at Coronado High School at six in the evening.



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