Jan 3, 2012 11:21 PM by John Romero

Police bust sophisticated drug ring

A Colorado Springs couple is behind bars tonight. This after investigators found what basically amounts to an illegal drug store inside their apartment.

Peter Mattaroo and Kristine Bauer are the two investigators believe ran the drug business inside their apartment on Lionstone Drive near Platte and Murray. Through various tips from informants police were led to the apartment. When they raided it, even investigators couldn't believe what they saw.

Investigators tell us they found several pounds of marijuana, over 130 marijuana plants, cocaine, illegal mushrooms, and prescription pills. They also found a cash register, credit card machine and a surveillance system. This was no minor drug operation. "You've got a cash register there... a Visa credit card machine. So that kind of signifies to you that this was a major operation." explains Barbara Miller, spokeswoman for CSPD.

In addition to all of that, nearly 30 guns were also recovered. While the drug bust itself excited police, they say getting those weapons off the street was even better. "It's more than just 27 weapons or 27 guns... It's 27 weapons that potentially could have been used in violent crimes." says Miller.

Both Mattaroo and Bauer are being held at the El Paso County Detention Center on $50,000 bonds.



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