Jan 2, 2013 8:10 PM by Matt Stafford

Police changes take affect for Palmer Lake

January brings changes for the Palmer Lake Police Department; a complete shuffling of the staff. News 5 first brought you this story in November.

As we move forward in 2013, there will be no more full-time officers for Palmer Lake PD -- only part-time. Also, there will be no more police chief.

"We grew up with Dale Smith as Town Marshall, and he knew almost everybody in town," says Pat McCarthy; a Palmer Lake resident. He's not sure how to take the moves that the department is making this year.

"Right now we're just kind of waiting and seeing,"

"That sounds like there isn't going to be as much help as there has been," says Genevieve Newton; another Palmer Lake resident.

In November the out-going chief, Kieth Moreland, told News 5 these changes were for budget reasons; there wasn't enough sales tax revenue to support the department as it was. So, they made a change, but the department has been hoping it doesn't mean a change in service levels to go with it.

"As it stands right now, you will still have the Palmer Lake Police Department to call upon for your services," Former Chief Moreland told News 5 in November. "There will be somebody on the road 24/7."

Residents say, in this close-knit community, they'll keep an eye out for one another, but the road ahead for the police department is unclear.

"I just hope that the crime is covered," says Newton.

Right now a department lieutenant is running things; they'll re-evaluate the new format in 90 days.



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