Jan 28, 2013 8:41 PM by David Ortiviz

Police close sub-station for financial reasons

People in Pueblo have asked for a stronger police presence in their neighborhoods, but now the police department has closed a sub-station on the city's west side.The Hyde Park sub-station closed last month after being open for the past four and half years.

Police say that office handled about 500 reports a year, but operating costs got too expensive. The police department was paying about $5,000 a year in rent, plus utilities and weren't seeing a big impact on crime.

"Basically the crime stats for that area have remained the same as when it was open. So it's not showing statistically to have a big impact on crime," said Mike Bennett, Acting Police Chief of the Pueblo Police Department.

Pueblo Police say there are no intentions to close the city's other sub-station on E. 4th St.




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