Aug 28, 2010 1:01 AM by Matt Stafford

Police looking for Bear Creek Park robbers

Edna Espinoza found the openness of Bear Creek Park, in Colorado Springs, relaxing.

"(Bear Creek Park) Seemed like a nice area to bring the kids so they can just run around," Espinoza says while watching her kids on the playground.

On Friday, she's watching her kids extra closely knowing what happened just the night before. Two men took things like cash phones from five teenagers while pointing a gun at them.

"(The suspects) Threatened to shoot if they didn't comply with their demands," says Sgt. Steve Noblitt with Colorado Springs Police.

The robbery took place towards the back of the parking lot, off of Argus Boulevard. Police say the teens were there at dusk, and it may have gotten dark quickly on them.

Police say the teens are still upset, but they got away alive and responded just the way they should have.

"If it's looking like they just want your property hand it over, that can be replaced," Sgt. Noblitt says. "Survive the encounter."

Bear Creek Park wasn't a place Espinoza was expecting "encounters." She says the calm atmosphere of the park may have let her put her guard down a little. Now she's thinking about safety.

Cheri Beck has never been nervous about Bear Creek Park; she lives about a mile away.

"We always come down here and play," says Cheri Beck, who's spending the day with her grandsons. Now after hearing about the robbery, she'll be playing it safe when coming to the park.

"(We'll) Make sure that there's other people around," Beck says. "If there isn't anyone around I doubt if we'll come." Beck thinks she may stop coming in the evenings too.

Crimes can put a hitch in the routines of several people.

Here's a description of the two men police are looking for; a Hispanic male in his late twenties, about 5' 9 and 140 pounds. Both of the robbers were wearing masks, making them tough to identify. The other man was shorter; around 5' 3, 130 pounds. The teens say the two spoke Spanish to each other during the robbery. If you have any information call Colorado Springs Police (444-7000).



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