Jan 1, 2012 11:17 PM by John Romero

Police "saturation patrols" still in place

In just the past three months. Colorado Springs Police have busted more than 400 drunk drivers. Those numbers we obtained from CSPD don't include dui arrests from this past weekend either. "For the last couple of nights we did concentrate on the downtown area and the I-25 corridor there." explains Lt. Adrian Vasquez. He oversees dui enforcement for CSPD.

With dui checkpoints now a thing of the past in the city, officers are now doing saturation patrols. Officers specifically on duty for dui enforcement spread out over a high risk area looking for drunk drivers. "Those guys (officers) get to roam the areas." explains Lt. Vasquez, "They watch for the cues that we look for that indicates potential dui driving, versus having them static in one location hoping that vehicles come to them."

Vasquez says there are likely going to be a high number if dui arrests made this weekend when all is said and done. "When we look at the saturation statistic versus the checkpoints, generally we see a much higher number of dui arrests during the saturation patrols." A warning to those who may think dui patrols are more lenient now that checkpoints are gone.

Those holiday dui patrols aren't over yet either. CSPD tells us they saturation patrols will continue in specific spots all over the city through tonight and into the early morning tomorrow.



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