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Aug 1, 2013 6:35 PM by Tony Spehar -

Police trying to return lost military challenge coins to owner

The Colorado Springs Police Department is looking for the owner or owners of 17 military challenge coins that were dropped off at the Sand Creek Division's station.

Officers said a person who found the coins dropped them off two-weeks ago and said they had found them and didn't know who they belonged to. Police don't know if the coins were stolen or just misplaced.

Challenge coins are often purchased or presented to military members for special recognition. The coins show what unit the military members belonged to, where they've been stationed and what conflicts they served in. Many of the 17 coins turned in represent military police units. Police don't know if the coins all belong to the same person or to various service members.

"Military challenge coins are an important part of being in the military and collecting them as you go through your career," explained Officer Jared Butcher. "We just want to see if we can't get these back to their owners to where they can have part of their military history back with them."

Police have consulted with military commanders who've told them no coins have been reported missing, but the owner of the coins could be deployed or reassigned.

Anyone with information is asked to call police at 444.7000.


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