Dec 15, 2010 11:16 PM by John Romero

Police use Twitter to catch car thieves

Colorado Springs Police are going high tech and looking for your help in finding stolen cars. The new program, which kicked off Wednesday, uses CSPD's Twitter account to notify their followers of a car theft the minute it happens. "This is kind of a new approach to policing." explains Sgt. Steve Noblitt with CSPD, We're embracing this type of technology."

With over 1100 cars thefts in the city this year, this gives police more eyes in the community. The hope is someone will read the tweet, see the stolen car and call police. When a car is reported stolen, dispatchers in instantaneously get the message out via Twitter. "We'll be tweeting that as we dispatch our officers." says Tina Young, CSPD's Public Communications Manager. "When you're out there, if you see a message that comes across that indicates that a vehicle was stolen and you're in the vicinity... Then by all means please look around the area." adds Noblitt.

If your car is the one that's been stolen, there's a few important things police need before they can send out the tweet. Dispatchers need a description of the vehicle, the color, the make and model of the vehicle and the plate. Police have been doing this in the Seattle area and so far it's getting good reviews. Here at home police hope by putting the information on Twitter, maybe criminals will think twice before they steal. "I would imagine that a little bit of paranoia is going to kick in." says Noblitt, "Every place they look they see citizens looking at them. They might think they're looking at them because they're getting ready to call police and indicate that they saw that stolen car."

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