Oct 15, 2013 11:30 AM by Elaine Sheridan

Police warn about information you put online due to scam

Colorado Springs Police are warning people to be careful what information they post online due to scammers.

On Monday, a man walked into a police station around noon and notified officers he was on a cell phone call with someone who claimed they had kidnapped a member of the man's family and demanded ransom money. The caller allegedly said they were member of a cartel and told the victim if they didn't send the money, their relative would be harmed.

Police say this is scam that is going on around the country, and several people in the Colorado Springs area have been targeted recently. Police say the scammers are using social media to gather information about people and warn the public to be careful what they post online.

Authorities are still trying to find a suspect. The intended victim didn't send any money.



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