Sep 11, 2009 12:42 PM by Mark Barger

Political humor will play a major role in Jay Leno's new primetime show

"The Jay Leno Show" premieres at Monday 9 pm on News First 5.

It'll be a mix of new elements and ones that carry over from "The Tonight Show".

One thing that won't change is Leno's penchant for political humor.

He had to spend the summer on the comedy sidelines, simply watching the news, missing out on can't miss material.

Now, he's itching to get back in the game.

"It's fun to be the oldest quarterback out there and still being able to play competitively," Leno said. "That's what makes it exciting."

Leno hopes his earlier time slot will let him jump on that sort of material sooner.

"Now, people are Twittering and texting," Leno explained. "There's no secrets any more, the only way you can reach people is to do it right now! Bam!"

One of those immediate slam dunks for Leno would be President Obama's address to school kids.

"It's communism!" Leno joked, "Stay in school and study? It's communism!"

Politics provides an inexhaustable source of comedy for Leno.

"Washington is show business for ugly people," he said.

As long as there are embattled governors, like South Carolina's Leno's got a ready-made source for humor.

"You can't find a mistress in the Myrtle Beach area?" Leno complained, tongue-in-cheek, "You have to go to another country? I say sleep American!"



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