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Jun 25, 2013 1:17 PM by Marissa Torres

Popular summer staple bad for feet

Summer staples can also be the season's most fashionable health hazards. Flip flops, strappy sandals, wedges, and the pedicures to go with them make this a busy time of year for podiatrists.

Doctors say patients suffer from heel pain or arch pain. One of the top culprits: warm weather wear for the feet - starting with the beloved flip flop. That's because they don't have any arch support. Those problems can add up over time, even lead to surgery.

"If people are going to be walking a whole bunch, whether it's on a trip or in the summer, walking around, flip flops usually cause a lot of problems." says Dr. Tyson Green, a podiatrist.

Another potentially hazardous summer style are wedges and sandals. Doctors say they lack base support - and often times boast a tall sole that can result in balance issues.
And of course , with cute shoes, you probably want to get a pedicure - but that can cause issues too.
make sure the tub used has had its jets and drains disinfected.

Pedicures and summer shoes can be enjoyed, but moderation and hygiene is key to keeping your feet healthy before burying them in the sand.



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