Jan 2, 2013 8:50 PM by Siera Santos,

Pot lounge slated to open in 2013

The first "members-only" marijuana clubs opened in Colorado, but within 24 hours, they had to shut their doors.

The next one may sprout up in Old Colorado City.

"We will be like the pioneers," Jack Roth, an investor, said, "Just like Colorado was the gold and silver rush a century ago, now we're going to be the green rush."

It's not a surprise Roth is looking to invest in a pot club. Since Amendment 64 passed, sales at his smoke shop on Colorado Ave. have "really improved."

KC Stark, the director of MMJ Business Academy, is spearheading the operation. On Wednesday afternoon, Stark scouted real estate for the BYOB (bring your own bud) club.

"It's historic. It's amazing. It's like a replay of what happened during prohibition where you had the speakeasies," Stark said.

The A-64 Lounge is slated to open this year. Although the lounge wouldn't sell marijuana, Stark says "it would be a safe place to consume it, much like a wine bar." However, in place of wine, they plan to sell healthy snacks and teas.

The investors have a team of lawyers to make certain the prospective business falls within the confines of Colorado law. Denver's Club 64 closed after one day because the landlord shut the operation down.

"We want to make sure the legal foundation is strong so we can protect the landlord, protect the investors, and protect the customers and clients," Stark said.

News 5 asked the city if they have any plans in place to regulate pot clubs. The city attorney, Chris Melcher, said they are "reviewing this issue carefully and plan to confer with other jurisdictions for their thoughts."


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