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Jul 2, 2013 10:16 AM by Marissa Torres

Potential cure for migraines

More than 30 million americans suffer from migraine headaches. The pain-- at times-- excruciating and nearly impossible to escape.

"Oh I was getting them two, three times a week."

For 15 years-- dustin pratt was tormented by chronic migraines.

"Miserable. My head just pounding all day."

The rodeo cowboy tried everything-- and every medication possible, often loading up on IB Profin.

"I was probably taking 10-12 of them a day."

Anything to make the pain stop. Then two years ago, Pratt stumbled upon a potential cure. Botox for migraines.

"For him I had to do all the forehead plus the temporal and occipital area.." says Dr. Rina Shinn, of Adonis Cosmetic Surgery and spa.

She says unlike migraine medications-- Botox is the only treatment that stops the pain before it begins. That's because the shots are specifically injected in the areas where the pain tends to start.

"It may be on the forehead area, or frown lines, or temporal area, on side of your brain. Or sometimes in the back... or top of the neck."

Pratt's gone through two treatments and has been migraine free for nearly 2 years.

"I very seldom have headaches now, and before there was never a day that would go by without a headache."

Dr. Shinn says only 65 percent of migraine sufferers will have positive results from the Botox.

Pratt was able to have one session last a year, but Dr. Shinn says the average person gets the shots every 3 to 6 months.



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