May 27, 2014 11:34 PM by Maddie Garrett

Pothole problems dangerous for motorcyclists

News 5 has been following the pothole problem in Colorado Springs, as drivers have come to News 5 to complain that the crumbled roads have damaged their cars and even put them in danger. News 5 wanted to know, after the city threw $2 million and more manpower at the problem, are things getting better?

Colorado Springs Streets Division Manager Corey Farkas said crews have already repaired about 15,000 potholes this year, that's more than half of what the city typically repairs in a whole year. But the problem, he said, as soon as crews fix one another pothole pops up nearby. For some people on two wheels, it's dangerous.

"Riding a motorcycle is a release," said avid motorcyclist Tracy Quinn. "You're out here to enjoy Colorado."

Colorado Springs is a place with more motorcyclists than most. But looking at some of the roads, you wouldn't think that.

"It's no fun to ride when you're scared," said Quinn. "The roads in Colorado Springs are pretty treacherous for motorcyclists."

That's because they are riddled with potholes. Quinn said a week ago he almost went down on his bike because he came up on an unexpected pothole that he couldn't safely avoid.

"In that instance it could throw you down, it could completely wreck you in the middle of the road," he said.

Quinn has been riding motorcycles for decades. He said he's never seen the roads this bad in Colorado Springs.

"I am livid, this is unnecessary," he said of the conditions.

Quinn, like most motorcyclists, prefer riding on the outskirts of town.

"To get away from the pot holes, but we're not," said Quinn.

The potholes are everywhere, not just in the center of the city. Quinn said the roads on the edge of town are just as bad, if not worse.

"Fix it, make it safe for all of us, not just for the cars, we have every bit of, as much right to ride out here as any body else," said Quinn.

On four wheels potholes can do some damage, but hitting one unexpectedly on two wheels Quinn explained, "It could kill you."

Farkas said the city is working fast and trying to stay on top of the pothole repairs, by trying to tackle all of the trouble spots reported by drivers.

"Now that we're in spring and summer we're doing permanent repairs on the pot holes," said Farkas.

As crews work on the thousands of ruts and holes across the city, Farkas has only this advice for motorcyclists.

"Just be very aware," he said.

But to riders like Quinn, even looking out for potholes can be dangerous too.

"You should be able to see what's coming at you from a long way off, when you're worried about what's coming under the car in front of you, it takes away from your safety, you're tense," explained Quinn.

Farkas said the best way to tackle the problem is by drivers reporting to the city where potholes are located. The city has a hotline and even a mobile app to report the potholes:



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