Apr 24, 2013 11:28 PM by Annie Snead

Preparing for floods in Manitou Springs

Wednesday night, people living in the Manitou Springs area headed out to a flood preparedness meeting.
The Waldo Canyon fire burned out much of the natural barrier of vegetation.
Now, there's concern the small town of Manitou could face big flooding problems in the coming weeks and months.
Residents say they want to be as prepared as possible.
"As I've heard some people say, it's not if we're going to have floods but when," said resident Karen King.
King and many of the more than 100 other Manitou Springs residents who gathered together tonight, say they've got to be ready.
"So we'll all be impacted in different ways but we better have the knowledge to get ready," King said.
And just Tuesday, an illustration of what they'll need to be ready for, with this rockslide snarling traffic along highway 24 just west of town.
Flash flooding is also very likely on the way.
"I think everybody's just got the jitters a little bit in terms of what to anticipate and know full well that is it the hundred year flood or is it tag and we're it as far as there being a repetition of this type of weather," said Andrew Nisito.
Nisito has lived here since 1979.
He says he and a lot of his Manitou Springs neighbors are concerned about the low snow and water totals.
"Obviously with all the vegetation that's been wiped out and the black scar that indeed if there is a deluge of rain then there would certainly be a very slippery slope with regards to containment," he said.
Sample kits were on hand, with what you need in your home, along with information about flood insurance.
County leaders stressed the need for homeowners to have a plan.
Their goal: zero loss of life, and the message not to wait for officials to evacuate if you sense danger.
"We saw back in July of last year after the fire had been contained on July 30th some significant flooding so now we're trying to say this will happen again and we're doing what we can to mitigate but people also need to be aware and emergency preparedness really starts with you," said Commissioner Sallie Clark.
And officials also say they know this is difficult information to swallow but they want people to be prepared.
If you would like to view the previous meeting in full here's a link to the video:


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