Feb 3, 2014 11:02 PM by Maddie Garrett

Preparing for the Storm: City Streets Division Changing Its Approach

The Colorado Springs Streets Division is also closely watching this storm move in Monday night into Tuesday. Managers tell News 5 they are prepared, and doing things differently after a mess last Friday, when crews had trouble getting the roads cleared off in the middle of rush hour.

As of Monday evening, the street crews are on 12 hour shifts, with a full call out at midnight. That means 37 to 40 trucks will be out on the roads. Until midnight, an evening crew is monitoring conditions and taking care of any trouble spots.

At the same time, the problems from last Friday are still fresh on some drivers' minds.

"Lots of accidents, a lot of people pulled over," recalled Leanna Maddox.

"They got on it late last time, cause I noticed after the snow storms they put that stuff down to melt the ice," added Earl Ester.

The roads were snow packed and slippery, with several accidents and even more cars sliding off the road.

"Very scary, I have it in four wheel drive to get around," said Maddox about driving in the snow.

Part of the problem for street crews last week was a statewide shortage of de-icing materials. But Colorado Springs Streets Division Manager Corey Farkas said they've got that problem taken care of now and won't run short this time.

"We saw the writing on the wall a couple of weeks ago, and got proactive. We actually do have some other suppliers that we are using, we have deliveries we are expecting today and tomorrow for granular and liquid de-icers," said Farkas.

The City is also taking a new approach to plowing the roads. Instead of one truck looping on the same route clearing one lane at a time, they'll have three or four trucks to do one sweep.

"To clear the snow from curb to curb, get the snow off of there, get the road treated and then move onto the next road," Farkas explained.

Farkas said while this might temporarily slow things down for drivers, it will be better in the long run in keeping the roads clear.

"It's the most effective way that we can clear the roads, make the roads safe and that's our number one priority," said Farkas.

Farkas also said with this storm, that's expected to dump more snow, they'll focus on pushing all of the snow off the roads first and then treating them with de-icer. He said this should help to keep the snow from creating a bond with the asphalt and becoming snow packed.



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