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Feb 28, 2012 6:35 PM by Andy Koen

Preschool teacher gives students building blocks for learning

In Debbie Cardinal's preschool class at Vineland Elementary, each part of the day is a learning experience. Whether it's the pledge of allegiance, marking the calendar or sitting down for circle time to learn letters and numbers, every activity involves learning.

"It's so beneficial for every kid to come into a preschool program," Cardinal said. "I wish that we had more openings, I wish that we could take more kids."

She explains that just being in a classroom is a new experience for the children.

"They learn social skills, they learn how to get along, they learn how to compromise, they learn academically," she said.

While being acclimated to a school environment is a big step, her students also learn a lot during the course of a year. Cardinal proudly says by the time her students enter kindergarten, they can write their name in upper and lower case letters, recite the alphabet and count to 20. Some even count to 100.

But Debbie says the best part of her day are the hugs. "I think it's the love that they give back to you, it's like an unconditional love because they trust you."

For honoring that trust by helping even the youngest learners start their education right, Debbie Cardinal is our February Teachers First award winner.

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