Feb 8, 2012 6:23 PM by Andy Koen

Police: 2 students arrested for sharing pills at local high school

Police say two local students at Sand Creek High School have been arrested on charges of possessing illegal narcotics and conspiracy after a parent complained that a number of students were selling perscription pills to other students.

That parent, Barry Bateman, says when found his daughter after work Tuesday, he feared she may have overdosed.

"I found my daughter in almost a comatose state from drugs, her pupils were as big as her irises," he recalled. "There were prescription drugs scattered all over the floor."

Bateman says he sought medical attention but was told the drugs had been in her body too long. He searched her cell phone and found text messages suggesting she swapped and bought the drugs from and used them with at least four other students in a stairwell on campus. He took the pills and the phone with him to school this morning.

"As messed up as my daughter was last night I don't think there's any excuse of why someone should not have stopped her during the course of the day," Bateman said.

School District 49 spokesperson Stephanie Meredith confirmed that an investigation is underway and stressed that student safety is a priority for school administrators.

"We immediately started conducting an investigation at the school level, bringing students in, talking with them, conducting searches as necessary and just making sure we are investigating this to the furthest extent," Meredith said.

As for Bateman's concern that the abuse went unnoticed, Meredith says it's impossible for school administrators to know everything that happens in their building all the time. She wants students and parents to report drug abuse when they see it.

"If these concerns are out there, we encourage parents we encourage students to bring them to the principal, bring them to the administration because students and teachers are our eyes and ears when administrators can't be everywhere."

Bateman is seeking professional help for his daughter but says he is still angry that no one at the school noticed her condition or sought medical help.

"I want to make sure that the problem is known," Bateman said. "I'm not just going to turn my back and let it happen."

District policy requires the students either be suspended or expelled and that charges be filed with local law enforcement. Due to privacy laws, the district cannot disclose exactly how many students were disciplined or what their punishment was. The case is still being investigated by the school and the Colorado Springs Police Department.

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