Feb 6, 2013 8:52 PM by Matt Stafford

PREVIEW: Are violent video games safe for kids?

A mental health debate continues across the country, and a piece to it is the repeat exposure to violence through video games. Do violent video games increase a person's aggression?

News 5 spoke with some moms that think the violent video game discussion may be going a bit too far; they do monitor their children's games though. One mother says her husband plays the games first. Another mother says she weighs the context of the violence in the games her son is playing.

"My take is that there is violence all around us, in all kinds of things, movies, real life; as long as you teach them what's real, what's not, what's acceptable, and what's not, then there's nothing wrong with them playing games like this," says local mother Gwen Ingram.

However a local clinical psychologist has a different take.

"Aggressive games will increase thoughts of aggression, but we haven't seen scientific evidence that it actually increases behavioral aggression," explains Dr. Chris Phillips. "A child hasn't had that training or life experience, and, neurologically, they haven't developed the skill set yet to have the depth of understanding that an adult might."

Monday evening News 5 is taking a special look, and getting several different view points. Watch the story Monday evening, and then head to our Facebook page (KOAA 5) to share your thoughts; let's help generate discussion in southern Colorado.


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