Apr 22, 2011 12:57 AM by Matt Stafford

Private investigator looks into Bach allegations

We're just weeks away from the mayoral runoff election in Colorado Springs, and again there are allegations of abuse from someone in candidate Steve Bach's past.

The first set of allegations came up April 1st -- five days before the city election. Bach's first wife, Marian, accused him of abuse dating back more than 40 years. Bach denied it then, now he's denying that there's more to the story.

No one making the allegations will go on camera with their claims.

"That story is still out there from April 1st with some very serious allegations about me," says Bach.

Bach says supporters have been receiving anonymous letters continuing to bring up the abuse allegations. They prompted them to look deeper, hiring a private investigator.

"Some of my supporters engaged Mr. (John) Cook to do some investigative work," says Bach.

Bach received a statement from Alabama businessman James Coxwell, who says he was married to Marian for 30 days in the late 1980s. NF5 confirmed the marriage with a family member. Coxwell described false accusations of abuse Marian made towards him and said he never heard accusations against Bach. Also, a private investigator interviewed another ex-husband of Marian, and they said she never brought up the abuse from Bach to them either.

"Now another woman, Carolyn, who I dated for just a few months has surfaced," says Bach. "That's 41 years ago." He says he met her shortly after his first divorce. Bach says he last saw Carolyn 16 years ago -- she was passing through town and they met at the Antlers Hilton downtown for coffee, and he says they had a good conversation.

Now he's hearing about abuse claims from her, through conservative radio host Jeff Crank who tried to contact Carolyn.

"Mr. Crank gave us a copy of an email thread between those two women," Bach says.

Bach brought these findings, along with copies of the anonymous letters to his supporters and the findings from the private investigator, to give to News First 5.

NF5 contacted Carolyn, who said she wouldn't talk on the record; we also contacted Marian, Bach's first wife, who again declined to talk.

"You were not ever abusive or violent with Carolyn?" NF5 asked Bach.

"Absolutely not," Bach responded.

Bach's opponent, Richard Skorman's campaign denies involvement. They released a statement saying:

The Skorman campaign is focusing its efforts on clearly defining why Richard Skorman is the best man to serve Colorado Springs as its first strong mayor. We are not investing time, energy or money in investigating the domestic violence allegations against Steve Bach.

This election is seeing its fair share of negative stories. Along with abuse allegations against Bach, Skorman faced accusations in a Gazette article of being a dead-beat dad to a daughter. The Gazette reports those allegations were proven untrue through a negative paternity test and a positive statement about Skorman from the girl's mother.

Bach's campaign denies any involvement in bringing that story to light.



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