Feb 23, 2010 5:28 PM by Greg Boyce

Public meeting to explain power plant "hum"

Resident near the new Comanche 3 Power Plant on the southeast side of Pueblo will hear tonight about possible fixes for a humming noise that has irritated many neighbors.

The meeting, at 7 p.m. at Pueblo County High School, will give Xcel officials a chance to explain their theories on the noise.  The plant has been in low level testing on and off for several weeks and when it is running, a humming noise can easily be heard near the plant.  While it isn't loud enough to break noise ordinances, it is admittedly irritating.

It may be coming from a giant induction fan that measures 10 feet across.  It could be as simply as some loose hardware and could even go away when the plant is cranked up to full power.  If it persists, one option might be a custom built "muffler" but that wold have to be custom designed and then built, so that solution could take months.

The coal-fired Comanche 3 is set to go to full power on March 24, whether or not the source of the humming can be found and fixed.


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