Jul 11, 2014 8:53 PM by Lena Howland

Pueblo business shuts down after second prostitution sting

A Pueblo business closing it's doors, after being the focus of two prostitution stings in the past two months.

"The officers found two females engaging in prostitution and there was a third lady who was there from the first sting that we did so they wrote her a ticket for complicity," Sgt. Eric Gonzales, spokesman for the Pueblo Police Department said.

"Eden Relaxation Center" surrendered their tax license and shut their doors for good Thursday afternoon.

"It was an undercover operation so we sent undercover officers into the business acting as clients," Gonzales said.

Only a few weeks ago, two women were cited for prostitution at this business.

Since then, undercover police have arrested two more women for suspicion of prostitution.

"And in that process, the owners just decided to go ahead and turn it over and close the business," he said.

Several of the businesses next door to the massage salon tell News 5 they're relieved to hear the salon has been shut down.

"I think everybody's going to be kind of glad that it's no longer in this building where there are so many professional people working," Kent Hill, owner of Hill Chiropractic said.

Doctor Kent Hill owns a chiropractor business only a few doors down from the former salon. He's one of several doctors in the building.

"If there is prostitution going on here in this facility, I'm sure that nobody wants that going on. There's two dentists and a chiropractor so there's three doctors in this building," Hill said.

With a parking lot typically filled with cars... now nearly empty.

"We thought they're really doing a lot of business over at that massage therapy place," he said.

A total of four women have been arrested from the two stings combined.

The women will be facing $1000 fines in court next week and are subject to HIV testing at their own expense.


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