Dec 10, 2013 12:26 AM

Pueblo Co. commissioner, councilman pushing for superfund site

County Commissioner Terry Hart and City Councilman Chris Nicoll will be asking for support in moving forward in the process of declaring the Colorado Smelter site a superfund site.

The county, along with city and health officials, are holding a community meeting tomorrow evening to go over where the city, county and community stand on the issue.

Hart says he's seen data showing that many children- who live near the smelter site- have been exposed to high levels of lead.

"That just breaks my heart. I just want to do everything we can to protect the children, as quickly as we can," said hart.

A month ago, one Pueblo mom reached out to News 5.

Her daughter was one of the kids who tested high in lead- near the "dangerous" levels.

"She loved her garden and that was her thing to do. You think you're teaching her agriculture and instead you're poisoning a poor innocent 4-year-old," said the mom.

Hart says if everything goes as planned, a letter will be sent to the state asking for funding.

If approved, the Environmental Protection Agency will step in, and start the cleanup process.

Hart understands there are concerns when it comes to declaring an area a superfund site- specifically property values. But he says waiting is no longer an option.

"If we don't get this process started soon, we may very well lose the opportunity for federal funding," said Hart.

Councilwoman Sandy Daff represents the affected area. She's been adamant in wanting more research and waiting for the ATDSR's final results before moving forward with anything.

The meeting is on Tuesday at 5:30 P.M. It will be held at St. Mary's Church. We'll be at the meeting and will have updates if any decisions are made.


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