Sep 6, 2013 6:59 PM

Pueblo Co. embraces retail pot shops, proposes sales tax

Pueblo County Commissioner Sal Pace is convinced there are enough votes to support the retail sale of recreational marijuana in Pueblo County. This would be, so far, an unprecedented move; virtually all other cities and counties across southern Colorado have voted to opt out, as part of the passage of Amendment 64, legalizing marijuana. Today, commissioners were discussing how to tax it and decided on a November ballot measure that would set a sales tax rate on recreational pot at 3.5 percent. Pace says the revenue will be used to cover the cost of regulation, licensing fees and enforcement. County commissioners believe, if it's approved, it will be used as a model throughout the state. Under the proposal, none of the revenue would go to the state, and it will stay in the county. Pace says that once language is finalized, and public hearings are completed, commissioners will approve retail sales. This would not affect the city of Pueblo, which has imposed a moratorium on retail pot sales until voters decide on a statewide ballot measure on regulating and taxing marijuana.  


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