Dec 9, 2009 8:49 AM by David Ortiviz

Pueblo County's elected officials agree to salary cuts

All ten elected officials in Pueblo County have agreed to take salary cuts as part of the 2010 budget. This comes after County Commissioners approved 12 mandatory furlough days for all county employees in 2010.

Salaries for elected officials are set by the state legislature, which means they are not required to take the furloughs affecting the rest of the county.

County Commissioner Jeff Chostner says he and his fellow commissioners: John Cordova and Anthony Nunez have pledged to take salary cuts in 2010.

Also participating in voluntary salary reductions are sheriff Kirk Taylor, county clerk Gilbert Ortiz, treasurer Del Olivas, assessor Frank Beltran, surveyor Dan Boyd, coroner James Kramer and district attorney Bill Thiebaut.

Coroner James Kramer says he feels it's the responsibility of elected officials to set a good example for the rest of the county. "Ethically I don't think we can ask something of the employees that we are not willing to do ourselves," said Kramer.

Surveyor Dan Boyd says he earns about $350 a month. Boyd says he has no problem giving back 10% of his salary-$35 a month.

District Attorney Bill Thiebaut says as a state public officer he plans to reduce his salary in line with county and state furloughs. "I plan to donate a portion of my state and county salary to employees in my office," said Thiebaut.

The county-wide furloughs are expected to save Pueblo County an estimated $2.2 million. However, Commissioner Chostner says the county is facing about a $6 million deficit for 2010.



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