Feb 18, 2014 8:47 PM by Joanna Wise

Pueblo dust storms picking up

Southern Colorado is no stranger to dust storms, but more and more seem to be forming just south of Pueblo-- even within the past few days.

People who drive south of pueblo say they've been having to drive through large dust plumes more than usual.

"For a second I lost a lot of my vision due to the dust blowing," said Brian Moore, a Pueblo resident.

Meteorologist Stephen Bowers says the area from the southside of Pueblo throughout Colorado City, Walsenburg and Trinidad tends to be some of the windiest parts of Colorado. The shape of the mountains, along with the Arkansas River and low terrain forms a funnel for the wind, helping it puck up the dust.

"This period is not as bad as the Dust Bowl," said Bowers, "but it is bad. It's certainly not anything we want to joke about."

The National Weather Service says mile markers 91,92 and 114 are the three "trouble spots."

Just weeks ago, there was a 20-car pile-up off of I-25, right along mile marker 91 and 92. The cause- an intense dust storm.

"When we don't get the precipitation- the rain and the snow- that we need to keep this ground wet... wet enough that it's actually holding the dirt to the ground, that could create a problem, and this is a problem that has been building for the better part of the last decade," said Bowers.

This past Saturday, a Pueblo dust storm warning was issued and sent to many people's cell phones. This is new and part of the wireless emergency services alert system.



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