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Nov 9, 2013 8:25 PM by Zach Thaxton

Pueblo gunmen beat father, terrorize kids, kidnap mom

A Pueblo mother was kidnapped and held for ransom for nearly 12 hours after gunmen broke into her home, beat her husband, and forced her two young children into a closet.  Pueblo police say the terrifying ordeal began around 7:30 Friday night in a home on the 2900 block of Ontario Avenue on Pueblo's south side.  When they arrived at the home, they found the husband beaten and bloodied from an assault by three armed men who forced their way into the home.  The man told police that the gunmen then took his 2-year-old and 5-year-old children and put them in a closet, then kidnapped his 26-year-old wife and stole his car.

A frantic search for the woman and vehicle yielded no results for several hours until the abandoned stolen vehicle was found.  However, there was no sign of the kidnapped woman or the gunmen.

Eventually, the gunmen and the beaten homeowner made contact via telephone and the kidnappers demanded ransom for the wife's return while detectives listened in on the conversation.

Police say that just after 7:00 Saturday morning, they got information about where the kidnapped woman was.  They responded to the information and found the woman walking in the area of I-25 and North Purcell Boulevard, nearly 15 miles north of where she was kidnapped.  Police say she had no physical injuries following her 12-hour ordeal, but was taken to a hospital as a precaution.

Pueblo police say they have not made any arrests in the case and the investigation is ongoing.  They are asking for public assistance in providing clues that can help in the investigation.  Anyone with helpful information in the case is asked to call Pueblo police at (719) 553-2502 or Pueblo Crime Stoppers at 719-542-STOP.


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