Dec 22, 2009 10:57 PM by David Ortiviz

Pueblo man beats cancer, now works in White House

A young man in Pueblo is spreading hope to cancer patients. Aaron Gutierrez, 24, was diagnosed with brain cancer his freshmen year at Colorado College. But with faith and determination he's fought the cancer and is now working at the White House in Washington D.C.

At the age of 20, doctors discovered eight small tumors growing in Gutierrez's brain. During his treatment, the Pueblo native turned to his family, friends and faith for support. "Going through cancer was stressful, so at one point I just said I'm just going to give it to God, just give it to him and let him take care of me and I'll be fine," said Gutierrez.

After emergency surgery and three rounds of chemo therapy, the cancer was gone. At first Gutierrez lost his short term memory, but he eventually made a full recovery. "My memory came back so I feel pretty blessed," said Gutierrez. "My doctor calls me his miracle boy," he added.

In August, Gutierrez was accepted into a internship program at the White House. He's met President Barrack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, a supreme court justice and many other notable leaders. His internship runs until May. Gutierrez says his next step is to apply to law school.

"I feel now that I have had cancer I feel I want to take advantage of every opportunity that I can," said Gutierrez. "You never know when you can have cancer or you can get in a car wreck. Life is so fragile that you want to experience everything you can and I was really determined to do that," he added.

As a reminder of what he went through Gutierrez wears a blue bracelet with the words "Give it to God" inscribed on it. He's made more than 400 identical bracelets to give to cancer patients or other people who are ill. "It's my way of knowing that I didn't go through cancer for nothing," said Gutierrez. "I'm able to share my story to give people hope," he added.


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