Oct 27, 2009 9:47 PM by David Ortiviz

Pueblo marijuana dispensary delays opening

Pueblo leaders are trying to decide whether or not to allow medical marijuana dispensaries in the city limits. Two business partners planned to open one in the Mesa Junction area last week, selling not only loose pot but marijuana brownies and lollipops. However, the city attorney requested them to delay opening, while council decides whether or not to regulate these types of businesses.

Sierra Neblina and Tom Sexton with Medimar Ministries say they would strictly control the distribution of medical pot, despite fears it would fall into the wrong hands. The business partners are trying to open the first medical marijuana dispensary in Pueblo. It's located at 112 Colorado Ave. However, for now, their plans are on hold. "I don't know how long I can fund a business venture that doesn't produce profit," said Tom Sexton.

Medical marijuana is legal under Colorado law, but that law doesn't say how it can be distributed. "The state attorney general is pulling his hair out over this, because we don't have rules and regulations in place, and they are having to be decided at the local level," said Jerry Pacheco, Interim City Manager for the City of Pueblo.

When it comes to this business, Interim City Manager Jerry Pacheco says police are worried about break-ins, people smoking outside, and customers re-selling pot illegally. Pacheco thinks tight restrictions are necessary. "My recommendation is we need to have time and place restrictions in place similar to adult entertainment uses. To make sure that if we have medical marijuana dispensaries that we would make sure there not in close proximity to schools, churches, residential areas, things like that," said Pacheco.

However, Seblina says only legal customers will be allowed inside, doors will be locked 24 hours a day and she says they'd invest in security guards and surveillance cameras. "That's what we wanted to let the town council know. Listen we've anticipated this long list on things. If you would sit and talk to us, you would actually know how we're planning on running business and we'd love to have input with that," said Seblina.

For now Seblina and Sexton say they plan to stay closed, but add they'll fight to open soon.

Pueblo City Council is considering a possible 90-day moratorium on marijuana dispensaries, that means they wouldn't be able to operate until the city decides what to do about them. Council members are scheduled to vote on the issue at their regular meeting on Nov. 2 at City Hall.

Meanwhile, Medimar Ministries plans to hold its own meeting to oppose city regulations. That meeting will be held at 6 p.m.Wednesday Oct. 28, at 112 Colorado Ave.


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