Dec 10, 2013 5:54 PM by Matt Prichard

Pueblo pushes for care

Connect for Health Colorado is on a mission to finish 2013.

"Really that's what we're here for, because the last thing we want people to do is get frustrated and stop," said Connect for Health Colorado representative, Brenda Lacombe. 

The group is on the road traveling across the state, hoping to get Coloradans on the road to healthcare. But that task hasn't been easy.

"I think it's so new, there's just a lot of confusion and then there's miscommunication. So what we're trying to do is give them the facts, and then really help them through the process," said Lacombe. 

They set up in Pueblo today answering questions from a variety of people both for and against the new law.

"I've not had insurance for so long, cause I don't make enough money. It's very important, I'd say to everybody out there, come out and check this out because it's well worth it," said a concerned Pueblo resident.

"You're still subjected to the economic impact of health insurance. It's not a better deal as far as price, it's pretty much stayed the same," said Canon City resident, Don Beauvais. 

But even with public opinion divided, Brenda Lacombe says it still feels good to be getting the word out.

"You know the gratification is knowing you helped someone, just get out of here not confused anymore and actually enrolled," said Lacombe. 

Connect for Health Colorado continues their road trip Wednesday, heading into Durango and Grand Junction on Thursday.



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